“LeAnn took over my matter from another attorney and did a fantastic job of organizing all the materials, focusing in on a path to resolve the outstanding issues, bringing the parties together in a win-win outcome, and obtaining closure. Thank you!” -Steve

“Ms. Bischoff made the difficult process of divorce much easier for me than it could have been. We were able to complete the process through correspondence with my ex-husband instead of direct mediation – at the time this was my strong preference. The outcome was fair and satisfactory to everyone, and along the way Ms. Bischoff was extremely kind and supportive. Highly recommend!” -Alison

“Ms Bischoff represented me brilliantly in a divorce case that was complicated by the emotional difficulties of my ex-spouse and a recalcitrant opposing attorney. It required on her part a judicious blend of legal experience and sharpness, emotional sensitivity, and good judgment. LeAnn has all those attributes . Over several frustrating years, she always dealt with me with good humor, accessibility, and energy. I felt I was in the hands of an attorney who was resourceful, knew how and when to be tough, how to construct a desirable settlement, and is a good person.” -anonymous

“LeAnn is superb. My wife and I used her in connection with a prenuptual agreement. She was kind, attentive, supportive and helped make what can be a very difficult process very easy. She also really helped keep heads cool when my wife’s attorney got a bit heated. Her knowledge of the law is superb, and she has great client relation skills. I am an attorney myself and therefore a very hard grader.” -Clement

“LeAnn has been serving as a counselor on my divorce mediation case over the past six months. LeAnn came highly recommended to me from colleagues in the family law business. She has been very helpful, resourceful, responsive, and sensitive in her work with me. Most importantly, her knowledge and assertiveness has provided me with a sense of confidence as I have entered these ‘uncharted waters’.” -Walter

“LeAnn and her staff were amazing. She made my difficult divorce as easy as possible. She listened to everything I was concerned about, gave excellent advice, and deferred to me if I felt strongly about something. She saved me money in the long run by counseling me well in the process. I felt that she kept nothing from me and was available more often (or more quickly) than I thought she would be. Either she or Amy would respond to emails or phone calls in less than 24 hours. She is up front about the billing process and very clear on her expectations and your rights and responsibilities. She is very ethical.” -Caralyn

Note: These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.   Prior case results do not guarantee similar outcomes.